SYPALA activities: 2014

The most recent chapter of SYPALA took off in South Africa at the University Of Cape Town Graduate Business School. This event was a partnership between African and the Independent Entrepreneurship Group (Ineng) who co-sponsored the event with Global Shapers Cape Town Hub as part of their Entrepreneurs in Public Policy programme. The theme for this year’s seminar was, Creating the Foundations for a Free African Society driven by Entrepreneurs. The focus of this was to look specifically at the African context and how entrepreneurs and their advocates across the continent can unite for a more enabling policy environment. Africa’s growth potential is massive, but for broad based benefits needs to throw off the shackles of both crony capitalism and government overreach, which undermines the rule of law and sound institutions. Genuine free enterprise needs to be secured through an enabling environment for all.

Some speakers of the event included, Mr. Leon Louw twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and Executive Director of the Free Market Foundation.  Chofor Che Second Assistant Prefect at Government of Cameroon, Deman Yusuf, a lecturer at the University of Dodoma, Kris Mauren co-founder and Executive Director of Acton Institute for the study of Religion and Liberty, Franklin Cudjoe IMANI President and SYPALA President and Outreach Director, Adedayo Thomas as well as Rejoice Ngwenya, President of COMALISO, Coalition for Liberal Market Solutions based in Zimbabwe. Also in attendance were Temba Nolutshungu Director at the Free Market Foundation, Sheraan Amod tech entrepreneur and founder of Personera, Xolani Nyali, Global Shaper and founder of Pan African Youth Dialogue, Ruben Richards CEO at Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rapelang Rabana, Global Shaper and Founder & CEO of Rekindle Learning. Aksoile Foluke Damilola of, Moronfolu Adeniyi, President of African Students Liberty Organization, David Duarte CEO at Treeshake and Garreth Bloor, Global Shaper.

SYPALA continues to be a powerful force spreading libertarian ideals as well as spurring the youth on toward reshaping the fate of Africa.