Apply for the 2016 Students and Young Professionals African Liberty Academy

IMANI Center for Policy and Education in partnership with the ATLAS Network, is accepting applications for the 10th edition of its continental seminar, the Young Professionals African Liberty Academy (SYPALA).

SYPALA forms part of IMANI’s core objective of training a new corps of future visionaries and leaders who will carry the torch of liberty and blaze the trail of prosperity in the coming dawn of African renaissance. IMANI, since 2007 has continuously honored this objective by successfully holding annual SYPALA workshops and seminars in various s African countries, bringing together students and young professionals to deliberate on issues bordering Africa’s development.

SYPALA participants are taken through a series of lectures and practical workshops. SYPALA offers participants the opportunity to interact with the thinkers and doers of the African continent and arm them with the necessary weapons to be agents of change in their respective countries.

The 10th edition of SYPALA will take place in Accra, Ghana from 8-9 June, 2016 under the theme “Any Dividends for Africa after Half a Century of Good Governance & Democracy?”

Context for 2016 SYPALA

Global demand for political participation and the involvement of the populace in the choice of their leaders and decision-making continues to soar. In Africa, the story gets even more interesting. Quite a number of “democratic elections” have been held on the continent over the past two to three decades. Indeed, last year for instance, important elections took place in Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia, Burkina Faso, Lesotho, Central African Republic (CAR), Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Guinea, Niger, Sudan, and Togo. This year, some other countries including Ghana, Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Benin are making the news headlines thanks to elections.

Despite some bottlenecks, stops and starts, elections in these countries are deemed somehow democratic. Manifestly, democracy is inter-connected with other critical issues such as peace and security, good governance and the rule of law among many others. However, the critical question that continues to beg for concrete answers remains answered: is democracy a prerequisite for development in Africa?

Dwelling on past experiences and future political events, the speakers at the 2016 SYPALA will attempt to posit whether or not Africa’s Democracy affects its economic development.  Some of the topics to be addressed by speakers include, How is technology influencing youth activism and accountable governance in Africa?”, “Why is it difficult for some African leaders to respect constitutional term limits?” and “What is stoking the fires of terror activity across the continent?”

Notes for Applicants

  • Deadline for submitting application: 6 May, 2016.
  • Venue of event: Mensvic Palace Hotel, East Legon, Accra – Ghana
  • Event duration: 8-9 June, 2016
  • SYPALA is open to all African youth between the ages of 18-30. Each participant is responsible for their coming into and going out of Ghana. IMANI will facilitate visa processes. Ground transportation for the purpose of this event will be taken care of by IMANI.
  • The workshop is residential. In other words, accommodation will be provided for participants.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided throughout the workshop.
  • A certificate of participation will be issued to every participant ONLY on successful completion of the seminar.

Other additional information may be communicated as and when necessary.


For more information, please contact Josephine at

  • Ernest Annor Kwesi Acheampong

    Am very glad the conference is coming off and in Ghana. Great work and contribution to the African youth development by IMANI.

  • Nashiru Mohammed Abubakar

    Very impressive for the organisation of sypala which will help to elevate the young interprenues in the sub-region and students who are willing to enter in the world of organisation. IMANI bravo

  • Bright Afele

    A good move to train future African leaders. I hope to attend. We must put Africa and its interest first in everything we do. Let us pray that after this seminar, there will be positive results.

  • Nana Yawson

    That’s really positive transformative agenda being carried out by Imani ghana